• Real Mild Ale (abv 3.4%)

    A full-flavoured dark mild brewed with chocolate and black malts and hopped with Kent Fuggles. Produced originally to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

  • Fine Light Ale (abv 3.7%)

    A pale amber light bitter with a rewarding floral hop character from the WGV and East Kent Golding hops. Now our most popular brew.

  • Best Dark Ale (abv 4.1%)

    A rich complex full-bodied ale with high proportions of crystal malt and East Kent Golding hops. The original Goacher's Ale!
  •   Silver Star Ale (abv 4.2%)

    Our palest ale! First produced in 2008 to celebrate our 25th anniversary, this summer ale is hopped with choice Kent Fuggles.

    The resulting beer has a crisp, clean palate with a light, satisfying dry finish.

  • Crown Imperial Stout (abv 4.5%)

    Our attempt to replicate the flavour and character of the true bottled Irish stout. Brewed with roasted barley and extremely high levels of Kent Fuggles.

  • Gold Star Ale (abv 5.1%)

    A true draught pale ale made with floor-malted low-colour Maris Otter malted barley and hopped with the finest East Kent aroma hops. Dangerously drinkable!

  • Old 1066 Ale (abv 6.7%)

    Named after the original gravity of the brew, this fruity rich barley wine has been produced by us in small quantities every winter since 1983.
  • House Ale (abv 3.8%)

    Originally blended from our Fine Light and Best Dark ales as a special for a local pub,this is now brewed as an independent ale and supplied to several houses.