NEWS FLASH! Posted on Tuesday 21st of August 2012
Summer has arrived (at long last!) and close on it's heels this season's first brew of "Silver Star", our 4.2% abv pale, summer ale.

Hopped predominantly with Kent's finest Fuggle hops from down Biddenden way, this brew delights and refreshes in equal portion.

Try a pint, you'll love it!

Talking of hops, (which we always are), reports from the Kent gardens speak of an excellent crop this year, with the earlier rain followed by this belated hot summer working wonders on the bines. So provided we're not lashed with hurricanes and torrential rain in the next few weeks, we can look forward to a splendid harvest, and that translates into splendid beer!

Which leads us neatly to the next item, "The Kent Green Hop Festival".

Thanks to the persuasive efforts of Eddie Gadd of Ramsgate Brewery, brewers from all over Kent are this year celebrating the arrival of the new season's hops with their own Green Hopped Beer.

Details of our contribution are, as yet, of course, a closely guarded secret (i.e. we haven't made our minds up yet) but watch this space for further news!