Maidstone has a long tradition of commercial brewing dating back to before 1650. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were still four independent brewers operating in the town, but by 1972 the last of these had been taken over and ceased production.

In 1983, after an interval of eleven years, Phil and Debbie Goacher opened their own brewery in the Loose valley thus reviving the art of brewing in the county town. However, in 1990, the need for expansion saw the plant moved to new industrial premises in darkest Tovil.

The modern brewing plant was purpose built and constructed along classical lines, allowing for full-mash brewing and open fermentation in stainless steel vessels. In addition, all Goacher's Ales are produced from 100% malted barley and whole Kentish hops without the addition of sugars or artificial colouring of any kind.

We believe that our commitment to excellence and traditional methods produces ales of distinction and character much sought after in this increasingly standardised world.