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If you haven’t already tasted our award winning range of ales, then here you can find out a little more about each of them, with a small insight into the flavours you could experience.

Fine Light

abv 3.7%

Colour: Straw

Bitterness: Low

Flavour: A balanced session ale with a floral hoppy character from the WGV & East Kent Golding hops. Our most popular brew!

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Light Session Ale

Best Dark

abv 4.1%

Colour: Chestnut Brown

Bitterness: Moderate

Flavour: A malty, full-bodied best bitter with high proportions of crystal malt giving hints of biscuit and caramel. The original Goacher’s Ale!

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Traditional Best Bitter

Silver Star

abv 4.2%

Colour: Pale Straw

Bitterness: Moderate

Flavour: The taste of Summer! Our palest ale, with a crisp, clean palate and light, dry finish.

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Summer Seasonal Ale

Gold Star

abv 5.1%

Colour: Golden

Bitterness: Moderate

Flavour: Dangerously drinkable! A traditional English hop character complemented by sweet malt undertones.

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Strong Pale Ale

Real Mild

abv 3.4%

Colour: Deep Mahogany 

Bitterness: Low

Flavour: True to style, full-flavoured with roasted black malts and chocolate notes. 

Allergens: Gluten 

Traditional Dark Mild  

Old 1066

abv 6.7%

Colour: Tawny

Bitterness: Moderate

Flavour: Rich and fruity, ready to warm every winter since 1983!

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings) 

Strong Winter Ale

Crown Imperial Stout

abv 4.5%

Colour: Black

Bitterness: Moderate

Flavour: Our replica of the true bottled Irish Stout has notes of roasted malts and coffee undertones, with a dry bitterness. 

Allergens: Gluten

Dry Irish Stout  

House Ale

abv 3.8%

Colour: Amber

Bitterness: Low/Moderate

Flavour: A traditional bitter that is malty and full-bodied with hoppy top notes. 

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Amber Session Ale

Green Hop

abv 3.9%

Colour: Gold

Bitterness: Low

Flavour: A fresh, clean, ale which lets the Kentish green hops shine through, giving a delicious fruity finish.

Allergens: Gluten and Fish (Isinglass finings)

Pale Fresh Delicious

Brewed using only the finest ingredients


Often the most overlooked ingredient in brewing! Each of our beers have a specific water target value, which highlight characteristics that we look for based on the beer style. The quality of the brewing water used is crucial to consistency of flavours, therefore each batch is analysed and treated according to each recipe.


We choose only the best two row Maris Otter winter barley for use in all our ales, which is supplied to us by Warminster Maltings (Wiltshire) and Crisp Malt (Norfolk).

Warminster, as a traditional floor maltings, supply us with a specific low colour Maris Otter which allows our dangerously drinkable Gold Star to shine!

Crisp Malt, with their more modern malting techniques, supply us with the rest of our malts, including our coloured malts that give the stand out flavours in many of our beers.


Our core range of ales have been crafted to use 100% Kentish hops, providing the traditional characteristics we are known for. In fact they are so local that when brewing green hop we collect the hops ourselves, from vine to Hop Back in a matter of hours!

We are lucky to work with three local farms within Kent who grow some of the finest hops for our range of ales.

Goldings – Clinch’s Farm – Ospringe, Faversham
Fuggles – Hukins Farm – St Michaels, Tenterden
WGV – GM Day & Sons – East Peckham, Tonbridge


Last but not least, yeast!

Just as important as all the other ingredients is our house yeast, working throughout the fermentation to convert sugars into alcohol.

Our traditional recipes and processes help to form our house yeast, which we crop and re-pitch into subsequent brews, giving our beers their distinctive flavour!

This unique strain is also stored in a yeast bank, which can be re-cultured when needed, allowing us to replicate our signature flavour for many more years to come.

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